Bottle Utils documentation

Bottle Utils (package name bottle-utils) is a collection of decorators, functions and classes that address typical problems developing web sites and applications using Bottle framework. This package is created based on code we use at Outernet for various user-facing interfaces as well as our own sites.

Bottle Utils are compatible with Python 2.7, 3.3, and 3.4. Compatibility with other versions of Python is possible, but not tested. It targets latest stable release of Bottle.


The bottle-utils package is a virtual package that bundles togehter several related packages that, together, comprise Bottle Utils. You can install all related packages by installing this package:

pip install bottle-utils

easy_install bottle-utils

You can also install individual packages. Here is a list of all packages that are part of Bottle Utils:

  • bottle-utils-common - Common functionalities shared by other packages
  • bottle-utils-ajax - Decorators for AJAX-specific handlers
  • bottle-utils-csrf - Decorators for CSRF protection
  • bottle-utils-flash - Plugin and methods for flash messaging
  • bottle-utils-html - Functions for use in HTML templates
  • bottle-utils-http - Decorators for managing HTTP reponse headers
  • bottle-utils-i18n - Support for internationalization
  • bottle-utils-lazy - Provides functionality for lazy evaluation of callables
  • bottle-utils-meta - Classes for handling page/social metadata

Source code

The complete source code is licensed under BSD license (see LICENSE file in the source package), and available on GitHub.

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